Parapan-Theke in DentaCare Praxis

Tischlerei Staudinger

AD2 Architekten

Dentacare -
the bridge to the patient

It is the patients that decide on the factor of well-being in the surgery. A room that radiates luminosity, lightness and sympathy ensures a feeling of trust and security from the first moment onwards. They promote the will to be healed and reduce fear. They ensure that people have the feeling they are not »just« patients.

CREDO: convincing architecture

Even dental surgeries need some treatment, especially if they are being visited by more and more patients who expect optimum care and an atmosphere of trust. As DentaCare decided to take the step in the direction of a future-orientated design, a completely new approach was sought because former adaptations and conversions no longer met the requirements. The design parameters were laid down in the very first talks that took place with the ad2architects Andrea Dämon and Andreas Doser: reorientation, signposting system and the first impression.

furniture as a guide

In the last instance the primary aim was to design the reception area in such a sympathetic and interesting manner that the DentaCare patients would experience it in a completely new way. The credo of the ad2architects was the ideal match: »Architecture must be convincing, it must speak for itself, it must awake curiosity in observers and users and it must function correctly.« Perfect functionality that would facilitate professional work was definitely the declared goal. The ensuing vision of the architects was summed up by Andrea Dämon: »The crux of the matter was to create an extensive perspective in a small space and largess.« A clear signposting function was also required in order to improve patient orientation. The cabinet and wall coverings were to be designed as signposting elements for the patients.»The details were decisive in this project, because many ambitious functions were demanded of the final solution.« »But we see every commission that we take on as a real challenge, with the focus on optimum solutions«, continued Andreas Doser and pointed out the high level of commitment shown by all those involved in this project. And this was indeed a must, because once the three-month planning phase was competed the whole project including all construction work had to be done and dusted within just three weeks.

Made to measure

Although the gap between the visions of the architects and the budget targets at first lay far apart, the inclusion of the Staudinger joinery and Hasenkopf Industrie-Manufaktur brought two partners on board who are also experts in the fields of quality and adherence to budget and schedules. The core competences of Staudinger lie in the equipping of medical and dental surgeries. The DentaCare project with its remarkable design was and still is a showcase project for Staudinger, because its execution demanded the team’s complete know-how. Parapan proved the ideal material for realising the design specifications thanks to its processing properties and perfect fit qualities. With its many years of experience Hasenkopf came up trumps here and as an expert in the machining of special designs produced the Parapan parts for DentaCare.

Parapan Innenausbau für Denta-Care
High precision to success

Staudinger’s project leader Johann Hagler has this to say: »Competent advice, adherence to schedules, innovative solution proposals and perfect execution made Hasenkopf the absolute favourite, because we were concerned here with special models that demanded a high degree of precision.« The material itself, its properties and the possibilities it offers put the Parapan specialists from Hasenkopf in the decisive position of being able to bring their competence into this project to the full. So once again with the use of their materials it was possible to meet the demand for a high-quality and contemporary interior. According to Andrea Dämon there is a very special aspect to the result: »We see added value created not only in the achievement of the customer satisfaction we aim for but also when a project becomes public knowledge. Also in the special case of DentaCare, of course, when the patients leave the surgery relieved of pain and then recommend the dentist to others.«


Photos: © Christian Maislinger