Leipzig Infotheke Bahnhofshalle

Bernhard + Hermann Schröer

Kitzig Design Studios


Each day, 24.000 trains transport around 7.3 million people around Germany. The new DB Information 4.0 with its service counters and self-service terminals is the central contact point for people travelling with Deutsche Bahn.

DB Infocounter Solid Surface

Barrier-free – the counters are accessible for wheelchair users.

Whether Frankfurt, Berlin or Leipzig – the new information counters and self-service terminals can already be found in many German train stations. Soon travellers will be able to benefit from Deutsche Bahn’s modern service concept at 82 train stations. The architects from Kitzig Design Studios have described the futuristic, dynamic design as follows: »The design of the DB Information 4.0 is ideally suited to providing flexible customer support. Different counter heights allow staff to provide information when sitting or standing. Functional luggage lockers and storage have been innovatively incorporated into the design to suit the individual needs of travellers”. The oval, indirectly lit service counters are fully covered with the solid surface material Corian in the colour Pearl Gray. The material impresses thanks to its durability, which is a basic pre-requisite in public spaces«. 

DB Theke Bildschirm Mineralwerkstoff
DB Mineralwerkstofftheke
DB Infocounter Corian
Deutsche Bahn Corian Besucher
DB Infostelle mit Lüftungsschlitze
DB Corian Infoterminal
Deutsche Bahn Corian Taschenablage
Deutsche Bahn Corian Theke Bildschirm

Since 2017, furniture from the joiners Bernhard + Hermann Schröer GmbH has been installed and manufactured in collaboration with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur. »There was only one material in our minds for the complex, seamless design.« confirms Bernhard Schröer, »and only one supplier«. From individual pieces to mass production, as an industrial manufacturer, Hasenkopf is the perfect, flexible partner for projects of all sizes. Following a test phase with the first prototypes by Deutsche Bahn that lasted several months, the designs were rolled out across Germany. Hasenkopf produces and delivers the Corian furniture »on demand« for each train station. From the cladding to shutter curtains – all of the Corian elements are thermally formed in one complex process. In order to be able to serve all customers at eye-level, the counter is lowered in one section to make it wheelchair-accessible. The counters include a range of base cabinets and tall cupboards, for items such as coats and equipment. The Hasenkopf team manufactures the built-in cabinets, including all fittings, drawers and shelves, out of light grey decorative chipboard to match the Pearl Gray exterior of the Corian material. Schröer mounts all of the pieces of furniture on a steel substructure by the joinery and installs the associated lighting, ventilation systems and IT equipment.

DB Solid Surface Ticketautomat

The self-service terminals made of Corian can be found on the train platforms.

In order to enable travellers to access timetable information around-the-clock, additional self-service terminals have also been installed on some platforms. These feature a touch screen and printer. Corian is also used for the thermally formed outer shells here, so that they fit in with the overall design concept.

Deutsche Bahn Selbstbedienungsterminal

Flush-fitted touch screens provide visitors with timetables and pricing information.

Photos: © James Jeremy Beckers – jerrografie