Hasenkopf Projekt Schubladen für Thonet S285

Thonet & Marcel Breuer

Thonet S 285 – Shaped by the epoch

Epoch-making design works testify to ingenuity and quality. Because they were in the past, are today and will tomorrow be the epitome of long service life, quality and attention to detail. This is the only reason why they are able to accompany us from one epoch to the next, from idea to idea, from generation to generation.

Steel tube desk in Bauhaus style

The standard and requirements at Thonet are as inimitable as their loyalty to style and brand consciousness. This can be paraphrased as follows on the example of the S 285: »This steel tube desk is a successful example of the programmatic Bauhaus claim of uniting art and technology in a formal unit. Table top and storage elements of painted or stained wood harmoniously blend in with the steel tube design …«

Hasenkopf Schubladen für Schreibtisch Thonet S 285

Solid wood profiles are used for inner drawers of Thonet S 285.

A high quality standard is expected from suppliers

It is the quality at Thonet that makes it so desirable for Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur to be a component supplier to them and to manufacture the internal drawers for the design classic S 285 in series. The products – high-precision processed solid woods – unreservedly meet this quality standard. Due to the wide scope covered, their know-how and commitment, Hasenkopf are able to follow many trends and to satisfy the highest demands. »We know that our customers want to offer consistent quality, both with the complete piece of furniture and with the internal drawer, that is why they come to us. We manufacture drawers for all those processors - be they joiners or design manufacturers - who constantly give thought to the design, who keep up with the times. These products are of high quality and no off-the-shelf articles. Thus, our quality and processing technology are also mirrored by our drawers.«

Hasenkopf Projekt Schreibtisch-Schubladen für Thonet S 285

Thonet offers the desk S 285 in different colours and designs.

Photos: © THONET GmbH