Hasenkopf unterstützt Studentenprojekt

Final Assign­ment in Corian

Hasenkopf supports graduate student final assignment in the production of a visionary prototype with elements made of corian. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Hasenkopf supports the graduate student Corina Tabara, with the supply of Corian® elements, in her remarkable final assignment. Thus Hasenkopf shows its commitment to the promotion of young talents and demonstrates its large range of manufacturing possibilities using premium materials such as Corian®.

High production flexibility by hasenkopf

Whether you are planner, architect, designer, craftsmen or graduate, Hasenkopf is an excellent choice for the development and realization of unconventional design ideas of various levels of complexity. Hasenkopf’s support of Corina Tabara contributed significantly to the realization of her very exceptional table design. At the same time, it shows the high production flexibility and the broad material range of Hasenkopf, the leading European manufacturer of Corian®.

result awarded with top grade 1,0

At the faculty for interior design at the University of Applied Sciences this year's challenge was to design a table that should reflect the modification of an object in the course of time. With Professor Rainer Hägele and Professor Gabriel Weber as mentors, Corina Tabara created an impressive object which was awarded with the top grade 1,0. This result is also a great pleasure for the Industrial manufacturing capabilities of Hasenkopf.

Tisch-Platte aus weißem Corian
Seilkonstruktion folgt Funktion und Design
Mulitfunktionaler Corian-Tisch
Tisch-Design mit Corian und Holz
Material-Kombination aus Holz und weißem Mineralwerkstoff
Abschlussarbeit Studentin Corina Tabara
Tisch aus Mineralwerkstoff Corian und Holz
Studien-Abschlussarbeit mit Corian

Corian as a beautiful contrast to wooden structure

With the supply of Corian elements Hasenkopf supported and enabled Corina Tabara to complete her product.  Thereby the mineral material used for this prototype is the evidence of an innovative construction method:  its multifunctional design, the object takes into account our current way of life. Due to the sophisticated rope construction, dismantling and reassembling the table is not an issue any more. You can use it as a dining table or work bench. Corian® provides a beautiful contrast to the wooden structure and opens up new impressive design possibilities in the private and commercial sector.


Since more than 20 years Hasenkopf transforms mineral and acrylic sheet material. Hasenkopf became the European leader in the manufacturing of three dimensional shapes from those materials. In its processes, Hasenkopf deploys CAD/CAM systems, eleven 3 to 5-Axis CNC milling centers and most modern mechanical and thermal procedures. A widely experienced, well trained and highly motivated team commands the whole range of the industrial manufacturing capabilities. Whether individual sinks or work surfaces, the furnishing of the BMW® World or the interior equipment of stores of top brands like Starbucks® and Vodafone®, Hasenkopf is key to the realization of the most exceptional designs.

Photos: © Corina Tabara