Empfangstresen für Huawei

Vifian Möbelwerkstätte


Flowering periods - counter for Huawei

It is often the smallest details which inspire the design of remarkable architectural concepts. Materials such as Corian from DuPont allow any visions to become true, without skimping on the quality, functionality and design.

The clients wished the new Swiss office to reflect the brand identity of the Chinese telecommunications concern »Huawei« through technology, materials and execution. Itten+Brechbühl AG was entrusted with this task as a sole contractor for the concept, planning and execution. 

Thermoformed Corian counter

The Huawei logo, from which the shape of the white reception counter made from Corian is derived, set the style for the design. »A sculpture-like element was formed from an abstraction of the flower petals and impresses with its curved shape,« explain the architects. Thanks to the possibility of thermoforming Corian, the material is predestined for such dynamic shapes. 

Theke aus weißem HiMacs

Static detachment with steel structure

The counter with a length of just under 7 m is the highlight of the public zone and was installed by Vifian Möbelwerkstätte AG. With regard to interior designs using solid surface materials, the Swiss company has relied on the expertise of Hasenkopf for many years. The 2.80 m freely projecting counter was statically detached, in coordination with Hasenkopf’s project partners, using an individual steel structure. It was only possible to transport the counter in a passenger lift. The 53 largely deformed elements were thus glued into four segments by Hasenkopf and only assembled on site by Vifian. When the gluing and sanding is complete, the counter appears to have been made from a single cast.

Photos: © Jan Hellman Photography