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Golden prospects – Sparkasse Pforzheim

It was Margrave Charles Frederick who laid the foundations for the jewellery industry in Pforzheim in 1767. Today – 250 years later – 80 % of German jewellery is produced in the “Golden City”. Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw is dedicating an impressive exhibition to this anniversary.

Special exhibition on precious metals

»Gold. Money. Society. How precious metals shape our region,« is the title of the permanent exhibition in the newly opened service area »Precious Metals and Foreign Currency« at Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw. DIE WERFT has designed a modular system for this with presentation furniture made from Hi-Macs Arctic White. With a design based on the motif of stacked coins, 37 cylindrical pieces of furniture form ten themed islands. The company Hanselmann Innenausbau was commissioned with the implementation of the presentation area.

kreisrunde Hi-Macs Tische
Dauerausstellung in der Goldstadt Pforzheim: goldenes Bambi
Sparkasse Pforzheim Ausstellung Edelmetalle und Sorten
Mineralwerkstoff-Präsentationsmöbel in der Sparkasse Pforzheim

The material chosen was Hi-Macs

In public areas which are heavily used, resilience and ease of cleaning play an essential role in the choice of materials. The acrylic-based solid surface Hi-Macs perfectly satisfies these requirements. The 2D-moulded furniture was delivered ready-to-install by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur – including drawer inserts, inspection openings and all the milled recesses. Touchscreens, LED lighting, glass cabinets and anti-theft protection, amongst other things, were incorporated by Hanselmann Innenausbau on site.

Hi-Macs Guckloch in der goldenen Wand

A Hi-Macs peephole allows an unimpeded view of the gold reserves.

Durable, hard-wearing material

The hard-wearing material can also be found in the adjoining function room – in the form of ten circular tables. A particular highlight of the exhibition is the golden wall, behind which a safe for storing valuables is concealed. Through a peephole produced by Hasenkopf from Hi-Macs and a special viewing glass, the customer can always cast a look at the gold reserves.

Photos: © Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw / © Die Werft Raißle & Sieber PartG mbB