Ausstellung der Grob Gruppe in Mindelheim

baierl + demmelhuber

Office Müller-Rieger

Grob-Werke company exhibition

From a small machine tool factory to a global technology and market leader in the construction of special-purpose machines – Grob-Werke has come a long way. An in-house museum informs visitors about the more than 90 years of company history.

Grob is one of the leading manufacturers of machine tools in the world. An exhibition in the new office building provides the visitors with multimedia information about the history, the product range and the service portfolio of the company. The key design elements are the various items of Corian furniture with large-scale, backlit illustrations or touchscreens which involve the visitors interactively in the company’s history. Digitally learned knowledge can be seen and experienced in original products.

Dauerausstellung mit Mineralwerkstoff-Elementen

Flawless surface quality of Corian

In order to »find a means of expression for the high level of precision and quality of the products«, the scenographer Monika Müller-Rieger selected the acrylic-based material Corian, which represents »an inconceivably good production with its perfect surface«. baierl + demmelhuber was commissioned with the extension of the 220 m² information and visitor area. In collaboration with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur, the interior design professionals installed four feature walls, as well as three media tables and eight temporary steles made from Corian in the colours Pearl Gray and Deep Gray which merge with the podium of the same colour without any seams or joins. 10 mm wide, light-conducting inserts made from Corian Glacier Ice in the floor lead the visitor through the museum area and make the furniture look like waves rising out of the accessible area. 

Museum mit Corian Möbel

Precise workmanship

The gluing of the two Corian colours required absolute precision on the part of the Hasenkopf employees, so that no glue residues are visible when the surfaces are backlit and the fine veins run completely parallel to one another. The homogeneous illumination was one of the challenges which were faced by project partner baierl + demmelhuber and overcome with bravura.

Grob-Werke Museum

Merge the presentation furniture with the floor space of the same colour without any seams or joins.

Photos: © Büro Müller-Rieger GmbH