Hasenkopf Bürogebäude mit Corian-Fassade

new Hasenkopf adminis­trative building

Industry and manufactory stand both in contrast and in unity with each other. On the one hand the clear lines and the dominating colour white stand for industry in the new Hasenkopf reception area. The crafted wood and the colour black in the foyer on the other hand represent craftsmanship. Both open up a world of material and shapes for innovative solutions.

More space in the new building

For many years now the signs have all been pointing towards expansion at Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur, the project team never stops growing. Not only in production, but also in service, customer care and implementation more and more people are contributing their expertise. So it was high time to create more space with a new administration building which would clearly reflect their competence.

Hasenkopf Neubau mit Holz, Corian, Parapan

Leading in processing Corian

Openness and communication, proximity and flexibility, speed combined with quality, commitment and competence - these are the values the company wishes to project with its new administration building. For this reason the new Hasenkopf headquarters is a building in which history and origins, materials and development are clearly emphasised. Wood as the original material and cornerstone of the company can be found in the oak floors and wall cladding and in the wooden façade on the exterior of the ground floor. The company’s development to become one of the leading specialists in the expert processing of modern materials like Corian and Parapan and its extensive 3D know-how are reflected inside the building in the individual design of the furnishings and fittings and outside in the sophisticated Corian façade. Both have been kept consistently in line with the corporate design in black and white.

efficient conception of space

The Hinterschwepfinger Projekt GmbH, Mehring, was responsible for the appealing architecture. Planning of the
1,900 m² interior was the work of the architectural office Keggenhoff + Partner from Arnsberg-Neheim. Its distinct interior concept and unique high-utility design combined with the ingenious use of daylight create a spatial ambience that is acclaimed by one and all as extremely positive and spacious. The open-plan interior design promotes communication as do the regularly arranged »think cells«.

Konferenz-Tisch im Hasenkopf Verwaltungsgebäude
Corian Besprechungs-Cubes im Hasenkopf Verwaltungsgebäude
thermisch verformter Corian-Tisch im Hasenkopf Büroneubau
Hasenkopf Empfangs-Theke aus weißem Corian
Hasenkopf Show-Küche mit Corian und Parapan
conception as an exhibition

It is a clear example of perfectly implemented corporate architecture. The design of the furniture and interior fittings are part of the concept from Keggenhoff which demonstrates the versatile possibilities offered by Corian, Parapan, Frescata and wood. The Keggenhoff designers worked together with the Hasenkopf team of experts to technically refine the drafts of the interior furnishings and fittings. Everything was produced in-house – desks, cabinets, sideboards, conference tables, staff kitchens, the show kitchen, meeting cubes and even the lighting. So in the last instance the office concept is not simply a workplace for up to 80 employees but at the same time a showcase demonstrating the expertise and versatility of Hasenkopf. So of course everyone is more than welcome to visit us – just call us or send us a mail!

Photos: © Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur