Thermisch verformte Wandverkleidung von Hasenkopf

Tischlerei Schwab

Egger³ - design to the power of three

If considerations to expand, a powerful vision and the creativity of a design-oriented company come together in an ideal way, the result will not only be grand, but unique. In the instance of Egger, it will result in something unique to the power of three.

design by the building owner

Broken down to a simple denominator, the idea sounds very easy: Egger³ – Hair, Beauty, Relax. But behind this simple formula hides a huge design project with three-dimensional round walls, design furniture and a backlit solid surface light mushroom. As architect and construction supervisor, coiffeur Marcel Egger has implemented his own new beauty parlour in Lustenau/Austria. His themes: harmony, futuristic design, cosiness, elegance. »Our new beauty parlour required half a year of planning and half a year of alteration work. Today, 22 top level coiffeurs are working with me on 400 m² of working space and 30 m² of seminar space.«

Guidance to assist in the choice of the right material

Marcel Egger had a vision and went in search of its perfect implementation. First talks and discussions centring on the choice of material were held with the joinery Schwab from Götzis-Koblach/Austria. The choice came down to the solid surface materials CORIAN® and HI-MACS®. As project partner, Günther Schwab recommended Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur and pointed out the »technical understanding of Hasenkopf, the close and effective technical consulting by their field staff and the processing skills that are required to implement extraordinary projects«. The list of materials comprised the solid material Corian Glacier White in perfect combination with Hi-Macs Opal, both 12 mm thick and to be used for the entire wall cladding, for light mushroom, counter, furniture and room dividing modules.

Hasenkopf Projekt Beautysalon Egger mit Hi-Macs Lichtpilz
Thermisch verformter Mineralwerkstoff
CNC-Bearbeitung der Schablone für Hasenkopf Projekt Beautysalon Egger
Schleifen der Einzelteile für den Hi-Macs-Lichtpilz
Lichtpilz Unterkonstruktion für Hasenkopf Projekt Beautysalon Egger
3D-Zeichnung der Theke für Hasenkopf Projekt Beautysalon Egger

comprehensive 2d- and 3d-shaping

For Hasenkopf, what counted from the beginning was the close and fast cooperation of the field staff with the processing and work scheduling departments. The many years of varied cooperation with the joinery Schwab added the necessary transparency and understanding. Especially when it came to the execution of such intricate work as was required for the wall cladding. Günther Schwab puts it in a nutshell: »At Egger³ we also worked with a complexity to the power of three.« For the comprehensive 2D- and 3D-shaping as well as for the large assembly units, Hasenkopf relied on team spirit, perfect procedures and accuracy as crucial factors.

Futuristische Corian-Theke für Beautysalon Egger
Mitarbeiter-Fotos in Beautysalon-Theke von Hasenkopf
Beautysalon Egger mit hinterleuchtetem Hi-Macs Pilz
3D-verformte Corian Theke für Hasenkopf Projekt
Hasenkopf Projekt Beautysalon mit hinterleuchtetem Interieur
Hasenkopf Projekt Beautysalon Egger mit Hi-Macs Lichtpilz
Futuristic furniture

Already in the reception area, the futuristic Corian® counter creates the first matchless effect and then for the lasting impression of Egger³ – Hair, Beauty, Relax. The asymmetric free shape of the light mushroom that is made from HI-MACS® Opal required the object to be created from approx. 60 individually shaped single parts. Arranged around the central light display, the 3D-shaped solid surface wall cladding, which lends the parlour a unique character, harmoniously completes the picture. Here, the distinctiveness of the room is reflected by the accuracy of fit of the light and mirror elements as well as by the homogeneous surface finish of the wall elements. Despite the project's uniqueness, it was possible to meet the building owner's ambitious budget by the use of the highest level of know-how and state-of-the art technology.

Photos: © / © Hasenkopf