Weiler Möbel Tischlerei

Individual bathrooms: »vollbad« 

Together with the »Vollbad« network of partners, Weiler Möbel completes around 60 bathroom refurbishments each year. In addition to standard solutions from various furniture brands, custom builds from their own workshop are often involved. Acrylic-based solid surface materials are best-suited to washstands, showers and bathtubs. No other material is able to create bathroom products that can be adapted to the spatial requirements in such a precise and seamless way. Vollbad project manager Roland Walz knows: »There is a solution to (almost) every challenge. The success of projects is often owed to partnerships. When it comes to solid surface, we put our faith in Hasenkopf – for us, they are the number one when it comes to Corian«. The Miraklon FMS5 range of basins is especially popular among planners and Weiler Möbel clients. Hasenkopf manufactures Miraklon washbasins from the same solid surface material. These basins are distinguished by their concealed outlet. They combine with the base cabinets from Weiler to create a harmonious unit.

Weiler Corian Waschtisch mit Absenkung
Weiler Corian Waschtisch
Weiler Solid Surface Corian Badewanne
Weiler Solid Surface Badewanne mit Struktur
Weiler Solid Surface Waschtisch Frescata
Weiler Mineralwerkstoff Waschbecken
Weiler Miraklon Waschbecken

Photos: © Tischlerei Weiler Möbel / © Vision Fotostudio Alex Bayer