Foodcourt im HVB-Tower München

Lindner Group Arnstorf

White elegance – interior design HVB-Tower

It is not possible to imagine the skyline of Munich without the HVB Tower. After all, it became the first building to tower over the Frauenkirche in the early 1980s. Today, the renovated HVB Tower provides a modern working environment for 1400 employees.

Redesign with solid surface Corian

Since 1981, the 114 m high HVB Tower, which was designed by Walther and Bea Betz and is now a listed building, has been part of Munich’s cityscape. As part of the complete redesign of the interior spaces, new solid surface furniture has been incorporated into a number of administrative and lounge areas. In accordance with the design of the architect Henn and in collaboration with the construction company Hasenkopf, Lindner produced a wall cladding for vending machines and the tray return for the food court, as well as 18 low and high tables made from Corian Glacier White. In addition to its excellent hygienic properties, the timeless, elegant appearance of Corian is another argument which repeatedly convinces partners and customers of Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur alike of the value of solid surface. So that it is not in conflict with the timeless architecture of the almost 35 year old building, the interior design is strongly geared towards the colours of white and black in a wide variety of shades.

HVB Tower München

The listed HVB Tower was completely renovated from 2013 to 2016.

Close collaboration in the planning phase

Five white rotary elements – 2.50 x 2.79 m – with large screens have a special function. The acoustics are supposed to be improved as a result of the milled grooves on the front and back of the material and a black non-woven fabric on the inside. Thanks to a supporting metal structure from Lindner, the elements appear to float weightlessly in the room and can be rotated by almost 360°. The portfolio for Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur also included a coffee bar, a number of counters with interior bodies and drawers, sideboards, room partitions, TV units and seating elements. The partnership worked exemplarily for Lindner, as it was always possible to adhere to the tight schedule of the production and installation plan due to the »good teamwork in the planning phase«.


Five rotary elements are designed to improve acoustics through groove milling and black fleece.

DuPont Corian Wandverkleidung

In the food court, Corian is used several times: as wall cladding and for tables. 

Photos: © HGEsch Photography