Audi Ingolstadt Betriebsrestaurant

baierl + demmelhuber

Landau + Kindelbacher

Meeting point for Audi employees: new company restaurant

4180 m² total area, 1,500 seats, 150 m counter – the ninth and largest Audi company restaurant in Ingolstadt exceeds all the expectations of an ordinary canteen. In the new building complex, food is prepared for 2,500 employees every day on the basis of the modern “front cooking concept”.


Work Lounges im Audi Betriebsrestaurant

Two work lounges and one barista bar invite people to linger on the gallery level.

Work lounges and barista bar

The practice Landau + Kindelbacher describes the interior design as follows: »the focus of the design for the two-storey company restaurant is dynamic shapes. A series of striking spatial elements have been created, derived from the soft, flowing lines of the silhouette of a car«. The company restaurant of the car manufacturer provides different spatial situations on two levels: classic seating options at bistro tables, high tables with bar stools, and so-called »work lounges« with IT connections and monitors at the gallery level. The different areas are separated by eleven room partitions made from the solid surface Corian Deep Grey which are equipped with a variety of functions: from cloakrooms and lockers to storage areas and seats, to additional monitors.

Raumteiler in Corian Deep Gray
Audi Betriebsrestaurant mit CORIAN-Verkleidung
Corian Theken- und Wandverkleidung

150 m wall cladding in Corian Deep Grey

The commissioned interior design specialists baierl + demmelhuber have processed projects for Audi for many years and work closely with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur in solid surface designs. The tight schedule for the implementation required a particularly intensive and efficient collaboration. In just four months, 2D-moulded wall and counter cladding and ceiling panelling were produced with a total length of 150 m for each of the five food service areas, in addition to the two work lounges and room partitions. The delivery and installation took place »just in time«.

Photos: © Christian Hacker