Parapan Möbel im Hotel-Kompetenz-Zentrum


Evonik Industries


Hotel competence center

Here, ideas are displayed, trends are established and the needs of future customers are met. As a »gallery of atmospheres«, the Hotel Competence Centre in Oberschleißheim renders design and materials experienceable, comprehensible and tangible.

cooperation for INNOVATIVE DESIGN

»High-end interior finishing requires innovative design. It was our vision to realize the creativity of the design as authentically as possible,« says Jens-Peter Holtmann, responsible for »Hotel Sales« at Stapelbroek. To him, the identity of the cooperation partners was clear from the beginning on: »In light of our existing business relationship with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur, our close cooperation with JOI-Design and Evonik, it was only natural for us to execute this project at the Hotel Competence Centre with these partners.«

PARAPAN: high-gloss and highlights

Parapan plays a significant role in the Hotel Competence Centre with its »high-gloss« properties. The material was not only used by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur for flat parts and fronts, but also gave rise to entirely new furniture. Parapan was shaped, bent and seamlessly glued. The new look and feel opens up additional design varieties in the hotel area. The high gloss of Parapan with its light effects and edges brings out the formal language clearly and sets its own accents.

Hasenkopf Projekt Hotel-Kompetenz-Zentrum München
Parapan Möbel im Hotel-Kompetenz-Zentrum
Möbelfronten aus hochglänzendem Parapan
 Hasenkopf Schubladen mit Parapan-Fronten

benefits by processing skills

The accuracy of the molded furniture and the high standard of workmanship show the potential. The processing expertise and experience of Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur is clearly visible on all parts. All in all, a genuine added value is created in both room and furniture design. Among other things, Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur fabricated wall mirror covers, bedside tables, cabinet door elements, desk systems with luggage racks and table tops. Brigitte Zednik, Evonik Industries, adds: »We want to make architects and hotel designers acquainted with our material and show the diversity of Parapan and Plexiglas, especially in the furniture sector and in interior design.«

Photos: © Maik Büger, photography KG