Hasenkopf Projekt Corian-Sessel Serpente

Delugan Meissl
Associated Architects

Serpente designer armchair

The designer chair »Serpente« by Roman Delugan is creatively differentiated using the possibilities of Corian® mineral material. Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur took on the practical implementation of the idea and was once again able to demonstrate their abilities in the thermal 3D forming of Corian®. Roman Delugan's goal was to develop new forms and transform the material Corian® into an organic shape. His »Serpente« armchair harmonizes dynamism, movement, body language, ergonomics and comfort in equal measure. The starting point is a ring-shaped linked band that forms seat, arm- and backrests through appropriate forming.

Sessel »Serpente« nach Entwurf von Designer Roman Delugan

With Hasenkopf one of the leading CORIAN® fabricators in Europe took on the challenging implementation of the design. With its advanced technical capabilities in the fields of mineral and acrylic material processing – particularly in terms of thermal forming of 3D – the industrial manufacture implements even the most unusual ideas for the design and contract applications.

Photos: © Roman Delugan