Wiehl Treppenstufen Mineralwerkstoff


High-quality stairs full of functionality

Whether straight, curved or spiral staircases, made of wood or steel, with or without a banister – Wiehl creates stairs in a huge range of designs and styles. Corian is part of the standard range, as an alternative to wood or natural stone flooring. The acrylic-based solid surface material impresses with its stability, durability and wide range of colours, which “provide an impressive alternative to painted stairs or natural stone”. The homogeneously coloured material makes it possible to create seamless transitions between steps and risers. Signs of use can be simply polished out years later if required. As such, the original beauty of the stairs can be retained over the long term. Thanks to the non-porous surface, Corian is both water- and dirt-resistant and, as such, easy to clean. The Corian stairs are produced on commission by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur. Each stair is manufactured millimetre-perfect – with all the necessary bevels, front edges and notches.

Wiehl Corian Treppe
Treppe Mineralwerkstoff
Wiehl Solid Surface Treppe

Photos: © Wiehl GmbH & Co. KG