Wandverkleidung mit Frescata


Marty Architektur

Structured wall cladding fOR Cashpoints

How do banks keep up with the times? Around-the-clock service, customer-accessible cash machines and a modern outward-looking appearance. The Schwyzer Kantonalbank has a new concept. High-quality materials, light effects and surface refinements lend the branch of the bank a contemporary look.

Wandverkleidung Schwyzer Kantonalbank

The Schwyzer Kantonalbank has opened a new self-service branch in the Seedamm Shopping Centre. Based upon plans by architect Ivan Marty, the bank has a prominent look with a white, structured wall cladding and can be seen from far and wide as a result. The CREATOP company was responsible for the development and looked to Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur to produce the relief panels. The almost nine-metre-long wall cladding is made of Corian Glacier White and has been enhanced with the FA-L013 Frescata surface structure from Hasenkopf. Thanks to the latest CAD-CAM-CNC technology, the structures can be manufactured with unlimited repeat lengths and can, therefore, be produced for large-scale wall claddings. Special attention is paid to ensure the elements fit perfectly, to ensure seamless bonding. The designs for the SZKB bank prescribed that the backlit 3D relief panels would float in front of a satin-brown Alucobond cladding. Hasenkopf’s many years of experience meant that the company was well-placed to contribute to the development of a concealed fixing solution. The close co-operation between the project partners also made it possible to overcome a further challenge: »The short-term nature of the project and the difficulty of working in an open shopping centre meant that we were instructed to provide a fast delivery and assembly« explains Ivan Marty. »Hasenkopf made the impossible possible thanks to their extremely swift production times« adds Alex Brändle, managing director of CREATOP AG.

Photo: © Stefan Zürrer Fotografie