Hasenkopf Projekt Zaha Hadid Z-Island Küche

Zaha Hadid Architects

A journey through time in the future of the kitchen 

For the furniture trade fair 2006 in Milan, we had commissioned the star architect Zaha Hadid from the Corian® manufacturer DuPont™ with the design of an innovative kitchen made from the fine mineral material. Hasenkopf provided the respective prefabricated Corian® elements for the practical implementation.

FUTURISTIc kitchen with high efficiency

The scenario: residing and working in a harmonised ambient. The main role is: the material Corian®. The Z-Island impresses by modern design and functionality. The centre is formed by two free-standing kitchen islands. An elongated and flowing inspiring unit offers all basic cooking functions in high-tech versions - amongst others, an induction stove top as well as integrated LCD screen. In contrast to the long-drawn part, the second island is a roundabout made from the mineral material. The side walls in sizes of 60x60 cm made from thermally formed Corian® plates offer sufficient storage space. The entire kitchen is maintained in the colour of »Glacier White«.

Interaktive Küchen-Arbeitsfläche mit Corian
digitales Küchen-Erlebnis
Zukunfts-Küche aus Corian von DuPont
Architektur und Design nach Zaha Hadid

CORIAN: endless designing options

The mineral material makes an excellent figure in every aspect. The material has a stylish effect, is pleasant to touch and is especially to maintain without problems. Moreover, Corian® has properties that are well sought after in the design sector – can be formed as desired, is translucent and robust. With Z-Island, once again Hasenkopf demonstrates there long term experience in complicated three-dimensional forming. Using the most modern technical methods in the processing and forming of materials and acrylic materials, Hasenkopf is in the position of achieving design ideas that seem almost impossible and to implement individual designs as well as complete series within a short period.

Photos: © DuPont